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Yoga Hammock

Basic equipment for practising the aerial yoga at home. Suitable for rooms with ceiling height from 2,6 to 3,2 m.

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Aerial yoga is now more popular than ever! More and more people are getting involved in the sport everyday. Not so many people are able to afford an equipment for this kind of sport, but after a few classes, it is natural to want buy a yoga hammock and get some practice at home. Merco Yoga Hammock is an excellent choice for someone looking for a quality aerial yoga equipment but has a tight budget. This hammock is made of dacron fabric (copolyester) that is designed to be attached to the other parts of the aerial rigging to practice yoga poses. There are many reasons to its popularity, because is possible to use it by many ways and improve your overal body mobility. When you manage a few basic poses, increase your flexibility, get a better core strength, stronger joints, overal better posture, reduce stress and tension, more refreshing sleep, fewer mascule and bone pain, better blood circulation. The hammock can be attached to your ceiling with suspension hooks, exposed ceiling beam or tree branch simply. Dimensions of the hammock are 5 x 2,5 m, it is suitable for home and studio with indoor height from 2,6 – 3,2 m. Its load capacity depends on how you are planning to use it, for regular home workout use then it does not matter so much. However, if you’re planning any doubles poses with someone else or commercial use there is recomended a pre-tested and certificated hammock that can withstand greater loads multiply. Yoga Hammock made by Merco is available at an affordable price. It is an excellent choice for those, who are looking for a quality yoga hammock, whether you are a complete beginner or experienced in the young sport.

Warning: Merco Yoga Hammock is conceived for just only one adult person. Make sure you have enough space around you in order to safely perform tricks and poses. You do not want to be hitting your head on the floor! Keep away the hammock of all sharp things, open fire or heat sources. Check condition and binding of the hammock before each using. Do not use the hammock if hole is there!

Yoga Hammock package:
- 2 suspension cross hooks with 8 heavy-duty bolts for concrete ceiling
- 2 sturdy pre-tested carabine with tow capacity up to 25 kN (2500 kg)
- 2 safety strap with 110 cm lenght and with 8 stitch
- silky hammock with dimensions: 5 x 2,6 m 
- recomended indoor height: 2,6 – 3, 2 m
- fabric: Dacron (copolyester)
- outdoor / indoor use


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