XGE Top-Silver Floorball Goalie Jersey

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Light floorball goalie jersey (only 300 grams without internal protector) in slim cut (fitting to the body) filled with all systems. It is made of lightweight and durable material, the arms are provided with shaped pads and front of the jersey is from the inner side accompanied by a removable layer of a special lightweight fiber, which is loosely attached, creating a cushion of air and thus effectively dampens any shots directed to this area.

The outer part of the sleeves is equipped with additional protective layer of hollow fibers (100g / m2) and the inside is equipped with elbow and forearm of dense polyurethane foam covered with Kevlar. Side panels are made to maximize the comfort of luxurious material with excellent characteristics Silveraid significantly increasing comfort of a jersey (for more material in the specification). This exclusive material you can find only in Jadbergs products.

Back of the jersey is made of breathable material CoolFit, ensuring the effective circulation of fresh air around the body. On the bottom  of the jersey there is resistant material that enhances durability and has side slits to facilitate movement. It is necessayry to buy a protective vest, we recommend: Jadberg XGE Vest or Jadberg Scout. This jersey design is proposed to goalie pants Jadberg XGE Pants.

Material: Base, CoolFit-100% Polyester, Silveraid-97% Polyester 3% Silver.


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