Venus Clay Tennis Court Maintenance

High-quality motorized machine for maintenance the tennis courts with clay surface. Simple handling.

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Venus Terrarosa is the first machine for maintenance the clay courts which allows you to do routine or extraordinary maintenance.

- only one person is able to rapidly perform routine maintenance court
- you do not have to hire an outside company for seasonal renovating courts
- it reduces the consumption of clay (thoroughly grinding the clay can be reused)
- extends service life of lines
- minimizes maintenance time, thereby reducing economic losses resulting from the shutdown
- low operating costs (high durability knives, low operating costs)
- maintainced court offers better quality of the surface

We also offer renting the machine for 3 days for 9000 CZK. Our customers can give you references:
- LTC Hradec Králové, Mr.Havel 00420 777 329 528 (cell)
- Sports Club Decin os, Mr.Horák 00420 777 129,048 (cell)
- Tennis club Caslav, Mr.Dibelka 00420 608 844 338 (cell)
- LTC Libra Ceske Budejovice, Mr.Bukovský 00420 777 271 621 (cell)
- TJ LTC Poděbrady, Mr. V Zítko 00420 605 183 881 (cell)
- TJ Tesla Pardubice, 00420 777 685 423 (cell)
- Sport Rider as, 00420 603 464 720 (cell)


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regular maintenance


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