Sport-tester RS800 CX Bike (CYKLO)+USB

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Heart rate monitor Polar RS800 CX Bike is the ideal partner for bike rides, where you want to have absolute control over their performance. This model already has the basic equipment of your cycling speed WIND and IR Interface with USB adapters.

Basic functions:

  • encrypted transmission of all data completely immune to external interference (thanks to the technology WIND = radio frequency 2.4 GHz)
  • Wireless measurement with accuracy ECG TF
  • heart rate zone, pace and cadence, including audio and visual warning when limits are exceeded
  • representation of TF in absolute values, as percentage of maximum TF or a percentage of the reserve TF (the difference between resting and maximal TF)
  • The average and maximum TF current course record
  • average and maximum values ​​of the other measured parameters so far during recording
  • the highest possible continuous measurement time = 99:59 pm
  • adjustable storage interval of 1, 2, 5, 15 or 60 seconds
  • stopwatch - up to 99 laps (with a thorough assessment of each segment, including average and maximum TF)
  • Independent timer - loading a countdown to zero
  • Changing the display during measurement (you can adjust all 3 lines)
  • change display speed during measurement (speed / pace)
  • record reassurance (by TF or by time)
  • Interval Training (according to TF, speed, and distance)
  • Automatic splits (measured and stored on a regular basis according to pre-set distance - only when
  • the use of foot speed sensor S3, GPS sensor G3 or your cycling speed)
  • automatic lap times and lap times are measured manually numbered separately
  • summary records - the option to merge multiple related records into a single file

Evaluating the performance (Custom Function):

  • own energy expenditure (OwnCal) - Ongoing registration caloric output
  • own zone TF - determining the optimum load zone for the next load
  • custom fitness test - determining the index fitness (VO2max) and maximum prediction TF
  • calculate the maximum TF based on specified individual parameters
  • Optimizing your own (OwnOptimizer) - modification of the classical ortostatického test for overtraining prevents undesirable states of overtraining and allows optimal development of fitness
  • running Index - an indicator of the economy and efficiency of the run (joint index condition with information about running cadence)

Memory functions:

each of up to 99 complete surveys stored in memory contains the following information:

  • Total recording time
  • set limits zone TF (or pace) + time spent above, below and in the designated zone
  • average and maximum TF entire record and measured sub-sections
  • energy expenditure during recording
  • average and maximum speed of the entire record and sub-sections measured (using a foot sensor S3)
  • total distance (mileage) recording (using the foot sensors S3)
  • average, minimum and maximum altitude during recording
  • cant during recording (the sum of the meters)
  • average and maximum step frequency and average stride length measured during recording (using
  • Foot sensor S3) 10) Running Index value (after the measurement meets the requirements for the calculation Running Index)
  • weekly aggregate statistical summaries
  • overall summary statistics of all the relevant data for a certain period
  • memory capacity increased almost twice (256 kB)

Running parameters (sensor S3 or G3):

  • option to calibrate the sensor S3 for a maximum of 3 different types of shoes
  • Total distance traveled differently for different types of shoes
  • average and maximum speed of the entire record
  • average and maximum step frequency and average stride length measured during recording
  • detailed evaluation of the moment to provide all measured laps (overview of individual sections)
  • Treadmill Index (measurement after meeting the requirements for the calculation Running Index) reset option
  • distance during recording

Cycling parameters (with your cycling):

  • current, average and maximum speed (velocity sensor included in basic equipment
    daily and total distance (odometer)
  • adjustable wheel circumference and other parameters for up to 4 bikes
  • autostart = automatic start / pause recording by the rotation of the wheels (ie. the control signals from the speed sensor)
  • estimated time of arrival to destination (after entering the distance)
  • can clear distance during recording
  • mount receiver on the handlebars part of the basic equipment
  • pedaling cadence sensor (beyond the basic equipment)

Connection with PC:

  • two-way infrared communication between the PC and Sporttester, ie. record download to the PC + programming parameters of the receiver directly from your PC
  • transmission of recorded data for analysis possible using software Polar ProTrainer5 can be effected using an IR sensor built into the device. If no computer is available for direct input infrared transmission, the transmission can be made using Polar IR Interface.
  • ProTrainer5 software is localized into Czech and CD with him is part of the basic package.
  • passed the route can lop map in Google Earth (for measurement with GPS sensor G3).

Watch function:

  • alarm clock
  • time (12 or 24 hour mode)
  • date and day of the week
  • Two time zones

Other Features:

  • the ability to set reminders
  • enter the important events (sports or otherwise)
  • backlight
  • low battery indicator
  • Control Languages ​​(ENG, GER, FRA, SPA)
  • three-line display
  • option to zoom (enlarge the display screen)
  • waterproof for swimming (50 meters designation according to ISO 2281)
  • WIND radio frequency signal transmission does not underwater - can not be measured TF swimming etc.


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