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Heart rate monitor Polar FT60 G1 has exactly the same functions with model FT60 only with only one exception. Model FT60 G1 has a zabdovaný G1 sensor that measures speed and distance from GPS satellite signals. This model is compatible with rocker Flowlink interface that allows bidirectional communication with a PC. Interface Flowlink can be purchased as an accessory.

The most important advantages:

  • It allows to extend the range of activities outside the fitness center because of reliable speed and distance measurements using GPS sensor G1 or foot sensor S1
  • coded transmission of heart rate limiting interference in a greater number of individuals measured
  • Custom Zones for determining the load higher, middle and lower levels
  • unique and easy determination custom index shape in the form of VO2max values ​​using the fitness test based on the values ​​TF variability in resting position and entered data on age, height, weight, gender and level of physical activity
  • calculation of energy expenditure in calories, including percentage of burned fats and long term evidence
  • STAR fitness program for long-term improvement and keeping fit

Measurement functions:

  • TF wireless signal transmission based on continuous measurements with an accuracy of ECG (WearLink transmitter with replaceable battery)
  • current heart rate (beats / min or% of maximum HR)
  • audible and visual alarm to set limits TF
  • stopwatches (without storage options laps)
  • calorie consumption during activity
  • when activated sensor G1 or S1 current speed and distance
  • when activated Jogging STAR program overview of the current performance of planned activities in each zone
  • the ability to change settings during the measurement

Memory functions:

You can store up to 100 recent records containing the following information:

  • measurement date
  • the duration of exercise
  • energy expenditure
  • appropriate consumption of fats
  • time within the demarcated zones TF
  • set limits TF
  • The average and maximum TF
  • average and maximum speed, distance

At the same time the unit has weekly and long counters these parameters:

  • total load
  • Total energy expenditure
  • total time of exercise

Other features:

  • backlight
  • Watch with day date, alarm clock and two time zones
  • choice of instrument control language (English, German, French, Spanish)
  • waterproof for swimming (30 meters designation according to ISO 2281)

The fitness test

Test Conditions specified index is done lying down after the previous parameters monitored. Custom Condition Index is the result of the test, which enables simple, reliable and fast way to determine the maximum aerobic performance. Custom Index is based on the heart rate, heart rate variability at rest, body composition and self-assess the level of physical activity. Status aerobic fitness or performance of the cardio - vascular system reflects the quality of the operation of this system in supplying oxygen to the body. A higher level of fitness means that the heart is more powerful and great mend effectively. Information specified by the instrument until about five minutes, along with an absolute assessment evaluated using a seven-point scale also in relation to the population.

Fitness program STAR

Fitness program developed by POLAR STAR represents a unique tool for continuous improvement and keeping fit. The instrument is planning a training session on the current state of fitness (presented custom indexes - VO2max value recorded during the fitness test) and whether you want to lose weight, maintain or maximize the condition of the body. Itself adapts the duration of the activity load intensity and allocates this intensity into individual zones. Layouts can also change themselves. Then you only practice according to scheduled training units and the unit automatically highlights the extent to which you can adhere to scheduled training.


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