Sport-tester FT 2

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A great watch for recreational exercisers who want an easy start to fitness, the Polar FT2 is a great piece of kit for those runners wanting basic heart rate monitoring. The Polar FT2 shows heart rate on large and easy-to-read display and helps improve your fitness with automatic age-based heart rate target zone. The FT2 also displays a summary of your latest workout and offers one-button functionality and coded heart rate transmission to avoid cross-talk.
Key features:
  • Automatic age based target zone
  • Average and maximum heart rate of training
  • Heart rate shown in beats per minute (bpm)
  • Heart touch - button free operation of wrist unit
  • Heart rate based target zones with visual and audible alarm
  • Manual target zone
  • Coded transmitter belt
  • Easy to use product with one button functionality
  • Wireless ECG accurate heart rate
  • Training file memory (1)
  • Time of day
  • Date and weekday indicator
  • Backlight
  • Water resistant 50m
  • To ensure a reliable heart rate, good contact with the skin is needed and it can be ensured by washing the Heart Rate Sensor after every use and having snug attachment and wet electrodes when starting the exercise


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