Sport-tester CS600X

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Polar CS600X cycling heart rate monitor is a wonderful companion for every bicycle ride. Sporttester CS600X stands for the basic functions such as heart rate measurement with an accuracy of ECG wireless speed measurement distance up to 50cm. Average and maximum data of the whole record.

Basic functions:

  • waterproof for swimming (30 meters designation according to ISO 2281)
  • specially enlarged display
  • 3 programmable zone demarcation with adjustable limits required load
    display illumination
  • coded transmission of wireless heart rate measurement with an accuracy of ECG
  • stopwatch, clock = time of day, the 12/24 hrs, 2 time zones, alarm clock
  • calendar, marking the day
  • management of interval training to measuring up to 30 sections
  • Recovery in the decline in value of TF or time relaxing after each section
  • Times subsections with values ??TF
  • represent maximum, and average of each segment TF
  • Battery Indicator
  • measuring the ambient temperature

Evaluating the performance:

  • Custom Power Consumption (OwnCals) - Calories, Calories loading
  • Custom Index condition (OwnIndexs) in the form of data max. O2 consumption based on fitness test determining the estimated value of the maximum TF
  • Custom Optimization (OwnOptimizer) - modification of the classical ortostatického overtraining test prevents undesirable states of overtraining and allows for optimal development of fitness

The recording and memory functions:

  • total measurement time (memory capacity = unlimited number of records in the fulfillment of the time range) depending on the storage interval and activate each function: when 5vt. = 44:42 pm. (When you turn on all functions 4:57) at 15 sec. = 99:59 pm. (14:53) in 1 record (up to 130 hrs.) And at 60 sec. = 99:59 pm. (59:34) in 1 record (up to 260 hrs.), While the number of records is not limited by time spent above, below and band-limited
  • TF average during the entire measurement
  • maximum TF throughout the measurement
  • Information page about making a record
  • bidirectional communication between receiver and PC: transfer the recording to a PC via infrared receiver + programming parameters directly from the PC using the UpLink
  • transmission of recorded data for analysis possible using software PPV can be - done by using IR sensors built into the device. If the computer is not available for direct input infrared transmission, the transmission can be made using Polar IR Interface
  • possibility to transfer the record to the mobile phone NOKIA 5140 for a detailed analysis directly on the phone or sending another person !!!
  • Software Accurate assessment of the performance is part of the basic package.

Measurable data while running or walking (with included speed sensor on the leg):

  • Daily distance
  • average and maximum speed
  • average and maximum rate of walking or running
  • Total running time or walk

Cycle parameters (speed sensor wheel can be bought):

  • Daily distance
  • average speed, mileage reading traveled, total time driving (speed sensor included in basic equipment)
  • measuring altitude reached = maximum, minimum, average and total elevation
  • cadence sensor (beyond the basic equipment)
  • sensing power output (beyond the basic equipment)
  • Current performance in W
  • LPB = ratio of left and right foot pedaling
  • PI = index effects on the pedal during the stepping cycle


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