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Polar CS500 Cycling sporttester is a wonderful companion for every bicycle ride. Sporttester CS500 takes the basic functions such as heart rate measurement with an accuracy of ECG wireless speed measurement distance up to 50cm. Average and maximum data of the whole record. Last but not least, this heart rate monitor compatible with the cadence sensor for CS series.

Function and type of transmitter:

  • heart rate measurement with an accuracy of ECG with wireless data transmission between the "transmitter" and "watch" (the coded transmission, which ensures trouble-free use, and in group sports)
  • uses a comfortable chest strap WEARLINK Digital is easily replaceable battery
  • uses digital transmission at a frequency of 2.4 GHz completely immune to external interference

    Function heart rate measurement:

    • current heart rate either at fair value or as a% of stroke maxima
    • average and maximum BF current course record (Lap time)
    • BF zone (manually or automatically according to age) with audible and visual warning if exceeded the time spent in the zone, under / over the area
    • graphical representation of BF limits a current pulse
    • Own Zone - determine their own zone on the pulse according to the current state of the athlete detailed

      Function watch:

      • Watch 12/24, two time zones Stopwatch - up to max. 14 laps (with a thorough assessment of each segment, including average and maximum BF)
      • option to automatically split according to a set distance
      • "LAP Time" independent timer - loading or countdown to zero the highest possible time continuous measurement = 99:59 pm
      • alarm
      • Date
      • weekday

        Cycling functions:

        • current, average and maximum speed (velocity sensor included in basic equipment)
        • daily and total distance (odometer)
        • option to set the wheel size and other parameters for up to 3 bicycles
        • Autostart = automatic start / pause recording by wheel rotation (ie. Control of a signal from the speed sensor)
        • estimated time of arrival at the destination (after entering the distance)
        • mount the receiver on the handlebars part of the basic equipment
        • W.I.N.D. cadence sensor also included
        • W.I.N.D. transmitter power output (beyond the basic equipment)
        • Calorimetric features: own energy expenditure (OwnCal) - Ongoing evidence caloric output of fats to energy released in% (after training)
        • Altimeter instantaneous height Elevation (gain, sklesané meters) slope in [°] and [%]


          Memory and recording functions:

          • Ability to set recording intervals of 5, 15, 60 seconds (at a lower interval in memory fit more data)


            memory for 14 complete overview stored in the memory device containing the following information:

            • first Total recording time
            • second set limits zone BF (cadence, power output) + time spent above, below and within the defined zone
            • 3rd average and maximum BF entire record and sub-sections measured
            • 4th energy expenditure during recording
            • 5th average and maximum speed of the entire record and sub-sections measured (using cyklosnímače speed)
            • 6th average and maximum cadence of the entire record and sub-sections measured
            • 7th average and maximum power output and pedaling ratio of left / right (using cyklosnímače power output - is available as an accessory)
            • 8th total distance (mileage) recording (using cyklosnímače speed)
            • 9th average, lowest and highest altitude while recording
            • 10th cant during recording (the sum of the meters and "naklesaných" meters)
            • 11th average, lowest and highest temperature recorded during the weekly aggregate statistical summaries

              Data transfer to and from the PC:

              • data transfer to
              • transfer to a PC via Polar DataLink possible (option to buy), this unit (infrared) with USB terminal is able to take over the sporttester data from several feet away.
              • Waterproof min. to: waterproof - resistant to rain, sweat, unsuitable for swimming or diving

                Technical details:

                • backlit display
                • low battery indicator
                • Control Language = ANG
                • three-line display with user-selectable individual values ??


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