Sport-tester CS100

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Polar CS100 Sporttester is the perfect training companion for all cyclists. The CS100 will keep track of heart rate with ECG accuracy, you can check how long you have traveled a section of the bike, including all intermediate times. Of course there is an overview of the maximum and average speed and many more features that will help to improve performance and motivate continuous improvement.

Recording functions BF:

  • BF wireless measurements with an accuracy of ECG
  • wireless speed measurement to a distance of 50 cm
  • coded signal BF and speed
  • heart rate zone, including audio and visual alarm
  • BF representation in absolute terms and as a percentage of the maximum BF
  • average and maximum data (BF speed) the entire record
  • highest possible continuous measurement time = 99:59 pm
  • stopwatch - up to 50 laps
  • independent timer: loading or countdown to zero
  • record reassurance
  • compatibility with the cadence sensor for series CS

    Rating Level performance :

    The actual energy expenditure (OwnCal) - Ongoing evidence caloric output
    Custom Zone BF - determining the optimum load zones for the upcoming load
    calculation of the maximum BF based on specified individual parameters

    Memory function:

    • a complete overview stored in the system until the next entry contains the following information:

    • total recording time
    • set limits BF + time spent above, below and band-limited
    • energy expenditure during recording
    • total distance
    • average and maximum BF entire record and sub-sections measured
    • average and maximum speeds (even cadence - when equipped with the cadence sensor)
    • detailed evaluation of the measured moment to provide all laps (overview of individual sections)
    • overall summary statistics of all the relevant data for a certain period

      Cycling parameters:

      • current, average and maximum speed (velocity sensor included in basic equipment)
      • day and the total distance (odometer)
      • option to set the wheel circumference for 2 bicycles
      • Autostart = automatic start / pause recording by wheel rotation (ie. Control of a signal from the speed sensor)
      • Auto splits (as of Adana distance)
      • estimated time of arrival at the destination (after entering the distance)
      • mount the receiver on the handlebars part of the basic equipment
      • cadence sensor (beyond the basic equipment)

        Connection with PC:
        program receiver parameters directly from the PC using the UpLink


        • alarm
        • time (12 or 24 hour mode)
        • the date and day of the week
        • Dual Time Zone


          Additional Features:

          • waterproof - resistant to rain, sweat and splashes ...
          • backlight
          • low battery indicator


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