Special Offers: All Sports

Thermo Gloves heated gloves Happy Days Special Offer Thermo Gloves                                                          heated gloves                                     TOP model and the Winner of tested heated gloves. Battery life up to 5 hours and 3 temperature modes. > 10 pcs in stock €97.70 ThermoSoles&Gloves Hockeyball ball Plastic, Orange Happy Days Special Offer Hockeyball ball                                                        Plastic, Orange                                   A cheap and quality ball for field hockey in two variants - soft or medium-hard. The well visible orange color. > 300 pcs in stock €1.37 Merco Spiderwork 950 Floorball Stick Happy Days Special Offer Spiderwork 950                                                         Floorball Stick                                   Spiderwork 950                                                         Floorball Stick                                   A carbon stick with a medium-hard blade, soft, non-slip grip. Suitable for advanced players. > 25 pcs in stock €20.80 Sona HB23 In-Mold Bicycle Helmet Happy Days Special Offer HB23 In-Mold                                                          Bicycle Helmet                                    HB23 In-Mold                                                          Bicycle Helmet                                    In-mold technology, Headlock tensioning system. Safe and practical road bike helmets in multiple colors. 4 pcs in stock €27.30 Meteor Champion tatami Special Offer Champion tatami Champion tatami Quality exercise pad, made of durable and anti-slip EVA foam, available in three different thicknesses. Suitable for schools, gyms, fitness centers and home use. > 100 pcs in stock from €13.70 Merco Yoga Mat with case Special Offer Yoga Mat                                                               with case Yoga Mat                                                               with case Foam pad with a practical case, more color variants. Ideal for yoga and other exercise, dimension 173 x 61 x 0,4 cm. > 50 pcs in stock €7.06 Merco Small reaction ball 6,8 cm, 100 g Special Offer Small                                                                  reaction ball 6,8 cm, 100 g                               Made of rubber. After hitting the ground the ball is reflected in unpredictable directions, thereby helping to train your reflexes and speed. > 100 pcs in stock €2.12 Merco Cooling Towel 33x88 cm Special Offer Cooling Towel                                                          33x88 cm                                          Cooling Towel                                                          33x88 cm                                          With long-lasting and immediate cooling effect, suitable for sensitive skin and allergic people. > 25 pcs in stock €5.88 Merco Soccer Passer football trainer Special Offer Soccer Passer                                                          football trainer                           Soccer Passer                                                          football trainer                           The unique training aid for soccer players, that will help to improve a ball handling. Suitable for all ages. > 100 pcs in stock €62.40 Merco Field Marker Discs, Set 4x8 pcs Special Offer Field                                                                  Marker Discs, Set 4x8 pcs                         Field                                                                  Marker Discs, Set 4x8 pcs                         The set includes 32 pieces of colored discs, serves to mark the trace or specific area during training, suitable for a wide range of different sports. 27 pcs in stock €12.80 Merco Floorball Goal 700.SA 160 x 115 x 65 cm, Folding Special Offer Floorball Goal 700.SA                                                  160 x 115 x 65 cm, Folding                                Floorball Goal 700.SA                                                  160 x 115 x 65 cm, Folding                                Supplied including nets, construction with a powder coated finish. Suitable for schools, sports clubs. > 10 pcs in stock €58.40 Merco Folding Gym Mat 180x60x4cm Special Offer Folding Gym Mat                                                        180x60x4cm                                        Folding Gym Mat                                                        180x60x4cm                                        The gymnastic mat with inner EPE foam and with minimal storage capacity. The excellent ratio of quality / price. > 25 pcs in stock €33.70 Merco