Soccer Passer football trainer

The unique training aid for soccer players, that will help to improve a ball handling. Suitable for all ages.

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Passing trainer Merco Soccer Passer helps to improve you soccer skills as kicking technique and handling of the ball. Merco Soccer Passer, made of steel, is designed for all soccer players of all ages. This new kind of football simulator is created by two parts - a front ramp and a rear wall. In both cases, the trainer will always return the ball. A practising with the ramp will improve your handling of ball in the air, the back wall quickly returnes the ball and it is a great choice for training of straight passes and fast reaction. Total weight is 5,2 kg.

Both nets have to be perfectly tensioned for proper functionality of Soccer Passer.

We recommend following instructions for assembly:

- Attach the poles 1 and 2 to side poles with levers (the pole No.2 is slightly longer).
- The levers have to be straightened after the attachment of large net, so you can easily tension it.
- Attach the poles B using the four screws and a wrench.
- Put the ends of large net on the ends of soccer passer 3, 4, 5, 6.
- Attach the net due to rubber fasteners as you can see on manual.
- With a help of your friend or colleague, straighten up and tension the levers of side poles.
- Attach also the second, smaller net.
- Both nets need to be tensioned for proper functionality of soccer passer, so it is needed to use some power during tensioning of fasteners. ;)
- During asssembly, please, proceed with the caution.


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Manual for Soccer Passer

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