Soccer Passer II football trainer

New folding trainer for soccer players, helps to improve the reaction speed, control over the ball and passing.

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Merco Soccer Passer II helps to improve the soccer skills, passing, playing technique and control over the ball. Soccer trainer Merco Soccer Passer II is designed for soccer players of all performance categories and ages. This new model offers a front ramp and back wall. The practising with the ramp will improve your handling of ball in the air, the back wall quickly returnes the ball and it is a great choice for training of straight passes and fast reaction. Soccer trainer Soccer Passer II is made of iron construction, with 1x large net, 1x small net, 4x short rubber bands, 4x long rubber bands, 4x “U“ anchors for more stability on a grassy surface. The assembly is very simple and fast and can be done by one person within 10 minutes, without any tools. Assembled trainer Soccer Passer II has got width 207 cm, depth 117 cm and height 123 cm. The total weight is 6 kg.


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Manual Soccer Passer II

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Soccer Passer II Soccer Passer II

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