We produce aluminum and carbon downhill and cross-country poles, you can also find back protectors, etc. Ski lovers will appreciate various gadgets to improve the ski technique or warm you in cold weather such as ski vest for children, warmers to gloves and boots, etc. One of the best-selling items is functional underwear (Brubeck, Spai, Progress), of course there is also a large selection of branded downhill skis or cross-country skis. We keep in stock ski helmets Alpina that we brought from pre-season volume discounts. Compare our prices including all bonuses and discounts with the competition shops and you might be pleasantly surprised.

Original Multifunctional Scarf Happy Days Special Offer Original                                                               Multifunctional Scarf                             With colorful motifs, suitable for sport and as a fashion accessory. Made of high-tech 100% polyester. N-rit in stock €4.18 Pharma-Ice - Cooling Spray Happy Days Pharma-Ice - Cooling Spray                                                                                               Wet cooling anesthetic adjusted dosing spray from a pump spray. 79 pcs in stock €2.98 Space Dryer 2.0 Shoe Dryer Happy Days Space Dryer 2.0                                                        Shoe Dryer                                        Based hair-dryer, hair-performance jets 30W, with protection against overheating. Lenz 1 pc in stock €30.90 Ski Sack Ski Bag Ski Sack                                                               Ski Bag                                           For skis with maximal length 190 cm. Ideal winter equipment to the slopes, high quality materials, an excellent ratio of quality / price. Merco in stock from €13.50 Boot Bag Ski Boot Bag Special Offer Boot Bag                                                               Ski Boot Bag                                      The protective bag for ski boots. Ideal winter equipment to the slopes, quality materials, stylish design, great quality / price. Merco in stock €9.09 Training Vest Special Offer Training Vest                                                                                                            Training Vest                                                                                                            The ideal tool for ski instructors and teaching small skiers. Two colors, available in three sizes. Merco in stock €12.70 Thermo Gloves Heated Gloves Thermo Gloves                                                          Heated Gloves                                     TOP model and the Winner of tested heated gloves. Battery life up to 5 hours and 3 temperature modes. ThermoSoles&Gloves in stock €105.00 Grap Hockey Helmet Grap                                                                   Hockey Helmet                                     Run System technology and Inmold Tec, in a beautiful and stylish design with a large range of colors. Alpina in stock €61.50 Thermo Soles 3D Funk Anatomical Heated Insoles Thermo Soles 3D Funk                                                   Anatomical Heated Insoles                         The model equipped with a wireless remote control with the possibility of regulating the temperature at 3 degrees. ThermoSoles&Gloves 8 pcs in stock €132.00 Comfort Sense Functional Set of Underwear Special Offer Comfort Sense                                                          Functional Set of Underwear                       In sizes Junior and Senior. Made of functional material that is breathable, elastic and quick-drying. Merco in stock from €23.60 Classic Cross Country Poles Special Offer Classic                                                                Cross Country Poles                               With ergonomic handle and modern design. In length 135-165 cm. Merco 22 pcs in stock €9.09 Balaclava Balaclava                                                                                                                Balaclava                                                                                                                Made of mixture of functional materials for maximum comfort, breathability and keeping your head and face in warm. N-rit in stock €14.20