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Hernegg Trekking Poles Special Offer Hernegg                                                                Trekking Poles                                    With cork handles and neoprene strap, Anti-shock system helps to protect your joints and spine. Merco in stock €14.80 Classic Cross Country Poles Classic                                                                Cross Country Poles                               With ergonomic handle and modern design. In length 135-165 cm. Merco 22 pcs in stock €9.51 Miara Trekking Poles Miara                                                                  Trekking Poles                                    With the unique quick release system, Flip-locking and extended handles. Merco in stock €22.40 Sprint Cross Country Poles Sprint                                                                 Cross Country Poles                               With a comfortable grip made of cork, modern design. The length range from 130 to 165 cm. Merco in stock €24.10 Baby Junior Children's Ski Poles Baby Junior                                                            Children's Ski Poles                              Modern design, the length from 80-105 cm. The quality ski poles for children and their beginnings in skiing. Merco in stock €9.51 Nordic Walking Nordic Walking Pole Nordic Walking                                                         Nordic Walking Pole                               With an adjustable length up to 140 cm. Cork handles, carbide tip with a rubber cap. Merco 20 pcs in stock €15.00 Ried Trekking Poles Ried                                                                   Trekking Poles                                    With anti-shock, cork handle and adjustable length up to 135 cm. Merco 30 pcs in stock €14.80 Nordic Walking Hole Tips Nordic Walking Hole Tips                                                                                                 Handy tip cap on hiking poles Nordic walking wear spikes. Abbey Camp 41 pcs in stock €1.86 Rider junior ski poles Rider junior ski poles Rider junior ski poles Modern colorful ski poles for beginning and advanced small skiers. Leki 7 pcs in stock €14.80 Belvedere Trekking Poles Belvedere                                                              Trekking Poles                                    Equipped with two-layer plastic handles with a neoprene strap. With a length of 135 cm and anti-shock system. Merco in stock €11.20 Galaxy Cross-Country Skis Clearance Sale Galaxy                                                                 Cross-Country Skis                                Cross-country skis are suitable to a track or an untreated terrain, with CAP implementation, wooden core. Skol 1 pc in stock €29.50 Spark S ski poles Spark S ski poles Spark S ski poles One of the best-selling model of ski poles for beginners and amateur skiers. Leki 1 pc in stock €56.70