selection of basketball balls


Basketball balls differ from one another in many ways. Different sizes, materials and finishes are appropriate for different players, playgrounds and conditions.

Size and weight of the ball

Basic parameters that are used when choosing.



Circle of the ball [cm]

Weight of the ball [g]


size 1



for kids, as a toy

size 3


300 - 310

recreational ball

size 5


470 - 500

for juniors

size 6


510 – 567

for women

size 7


567 – 650

For men



The choice of material depends on where and how often you play. Depending on this, the properties of the ball will develop.

Synthetic leather

In the production of basketball balls it is the most commonly used material. These balls are popular for their balanced ratio of quality, durability and cost. Thanks to special coatings, they are divided into balls for indoor or outdoor use.

Genuine leather

Balls of the highest quality with the best features, They are designed especially for demanding players and professionals. Due to the higher price and rapid wear of the material on coarser surfaces, it is recommended to use these balls only in halls.


Balls from this material are suitable for beginners, occasional players and children's schools. This is mainly due to their favorable price. The disadvantage of these balls is a lower lifetime.


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