Proclamation on Personal Data Protection

Proclamation on Personal Data Protection

Valid since: May 25, 2018

In this Proclamation on Personal Data Protection, we would like to inform you about the way we collect, use, share, and save your personal data.

This Proclamation on Personal Data Protection applies to all webs, applications and products where stated.

If you want to know more about a particular part of this Proclamation on Personal Data Protection, please find the below mentioned gist with appropriate articles.

The personal data are understood as data which might identify a particular person, alone or combined with other obtained data. If we combine personal data with other data (which cannot indentify a person themselves) we treat this combined information as personal data.

If you open an account in the e-shop which is run by the company RadanSport s.r.o. we ask you to send us particular personal data, e.g. the e-mail address or name. You will use the mentioned e-mail address together with a password to log into your account. Your account and the whole registration are protected with the password.

If you buy a product in the e-shop, the company RadanSport s.r.o. gets certain personal data from you, e.g. your name, address or telephone number. These data are used for processing and realisation of your order. The data from your credit card are neither watched nor saved. If you use your credit card for paying, the data of this credit card are processed by the company GoPay s.r.o. in case of domestic payments and by EVO Payments International s.r.o. in case of foreign payments. You can find out the safety principles at processing of the personal data directly from the above mentioned companies.

If you contact our customer support (by e-mail, phone or personally) we can collect other personal data e.g. the name, e-mail address or preferred way of communication and also information on products sold by us which you own, e.g. series number or the date of purchase. We can also make protocols on events for diagnosis of problems connected with providing a product or service and collect information about the appropriate problem. We use this information to provide you with customer and product support. We can also enter your account to be able to provide you with necessary support. To improve customer services, we can record and analyse your communication with representatives of customer support in compliance with valid laws and also analyse the feedback we get through voluntary customer survey.

We can use your personal data to communicate with you e.g. for negotiation about your account or realised transactions, when providing important information about your product or applications, when sending announcements, if this Proclamation on Personal Data Protection should be changed considerably in compliance with the valid laws and options mentioned in the part Your options concerning the marketing correspondence, and also when sending information about products or services of RadanSport s.r.o.

The company RadanSport s.r.o. can use the personal data to draw up the internal statistics and for marketing or operational purposes e.g. when making sales overview or watching and analysing demographical data, users’ interests, tending in purchasing and other trends by the customers.


We find out your contentedness with the purchase through e-mail questionnaires within the programme Verified by customers, which also includes our e-shop. We always send you the questionnaires after you purchase in our e-shop unless you refuse the sending thereof in sense of section 7, paragraph 3 of the Law No. 480/2004 Sb. on some services of an information company. The processing of personal data for the purposes of sending the questionnaires within the programme Verified by customers is based on our entitled interest consisting in finding out your contentedness with the purchase in our e-shop. For sending questionnaires, evaluating your feedback and analysing our market position we use a processor which is the operator of the portal; we can hand over the information about the purchased goods and your e-mail address to this company for these purposes. Your personal data are not handed over to any third party for the own purposes thereof through sending the e-mail questionnaires. You can raise an objection any time against sending the e-mail questionnaires within the programme Verified by customers through refusing other questionnaires with the link in an e-mail with a questionnaire or express your disagreement when finishing an order. In case of your objection, we stop sending any questionnaires to you.

We use services of independent providers who assure certain activities, e.g. realisation of your purchase and delivery thereof, processing of card payments, sending e-mails, arranging for advertisement, analyse of using our web and applications, watching the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns or realisation of the connection between users and networks. We only share your personal data with these service providers of third parties to be able to provide you with appropriate services.

We are allowed to give your personal data to other persons if we have obtained your agreement in accordance with the valid laws. In accordance with the valid laws in your jurisdiction, we can also give your personal data to other persons in case when we believe it to be necessary or appropriate.

  1. Pursuant to valid laws and regulations, including laws and regulations valid outside the land of your permanent residence;

  2. To meet the requirements of a legal procedure;

  3. To meet the requirements of authorities and representatives of law guardians, including authorities and representative of law guardians outside the land of your permanent residence;

  4. To help and support investigation of a theft concerning the products or property of the company RadanSport s.r.o.;

  5. To carry out any of our conditions or principles

  6. To protect our operations or operations carried out by any of our affiliated companies or subsidiaries;

  7. To protect rights, personal data, security or property of the company RadanSport s.r.o., the affiliated companies or subsidiaries thereof, of your person or other persons or parties;

  8. To use available remedies or to limit damages which might occur to us;

We can also give the information to an affiliated company, subsidiary or third party in case of any re-organisation, merger, sale, joint venture, cession, transfer or establishing a different organisation of a part or the whole company, assets or shares in the company RadanSport s.r.o., especially in case of a bankruptcy or a similar process.

We collect certain information about any visit to our web in co-operation with providers of analytic services of third parties, which helps us to find out the way you and other visitors of the web RadanSport s.r.o. use it and to obtain summarizing statistics concerning the usage of the web and the speed of an answer. These data include the IP address, geographical position of the device, type of the browser, language of the browser, date and time of your requirement, length of your visit, demographic data, presented pages and clicked elements (e.g. links). When we collect and analyse these data we can also use the files cookie and similar tools on our web pages or in our e-mail reports. These data help us to provide you with better and more relevant contents of the web, follow the effectiveness of the advertisement, disclose and remove potential problems and improve the whole web environment. These providers can use pixel tags and similar technologies to collect information about visits to our web pages and this information can be used for aimed advertisement.

If you do not wish these data to be collected with these technologies you can use a simple procedure: the most browsers offer the option to refuse a lot of such technologies automatically or you get an option to accept or to refuse. Additionally, if you live in a country where your consent to use the files cookie on our web pages is required by the law you will also have an option to adjust the setting of the cookie files on pages with an exception of certain cookie files necessary for functionality of the main page and that is why you cannot choose the prohibition thereof.

We follow and collect the data of users concerning the usage of the web of the company RadanSport s.r.o.. These analytic data include the date and time, setting of a language, manners of the user (e.g. used functions, frequency of usage). The company RadanSport s.r.o. uses these data to improve the quality and functioning of webs, for the development and marketing of the products and functions which will be the most suitable for you and other users, to disclose and remove potential problems with the usage.

There is an example of an independent provider of analytic and similar services we are using now: Google: we use the tool Google Analytics to follow statistic of web usage and demographic data, interests and manners of user on our web. You can find here more detailed information about how we can use these analytic data and how we can regulate the usage thereof.

The company RadanSport s.r.o. adopts appropriate security measures enabling to protect the confided personal data from the loss, misuse, unauthorized access and unauthorized publication or adjustment. Should you believe you discovered a mistake in security, please contact us by the e-mail at the address

The company RadanSport s.r.o. adopts appropriate security measures enabling to protect the confided personal data from the loss, misuse, unauthorized access and unauthorized publication or adjustment.

Our company RadanSport s.r.o. can use your personal data to send a marketing correspondence (e.g. sending of e-mails) in connection with the products and this is in compliance with setting of the agreement in the preset of e-mail in customer administration. We do not share personal data with third parties to send marketing materials of these third parties. If you do not wish the company RadanSport s.r.o. to send you marketing materials set the preset of the e-mail in customer administration or click on the link for cancelling of sending it in a marketing e-mail from the company RadanSport s.r.o..

Our webs are not intended for children under 16 years. We ask persons younger than 16 years not to send their personal data to the company RadanSport s.r.o. through our webs. Should we find out that we have collected personal data concerning a child younger than 16 years we adopt measures to delete these data as soon as possible. Should you have information about the fact that the web of the company RadanSport s.r.o. is used by a person younger than 16 years please contact us at the address

The updated version of the Proclamation on Personal Data Protection will always be placed on the pages, or eventually you can ask for it by sending an e-mail on

Your personal data will be stored for the period necessary to fulfil the purpose for which they have been obtained as mentioned in this Proclamation on Personal Data Protection (besides cases where the laws set a longer period of storing).Options of checking, adjusting, updating and removing of your personal data

The company RadanSport s.r.o. adopts appropriate measures to find out that the data we have been collecting are precise, complete und updated. You can apply for an access to your personal data and ask for updating of false or incorrect data. You can also ask for deleting your personal data as well as the account at the company RadanSport s.r.o.. We will answer your application as fast as possible in compliance with valid laws. For security reasons, we can only deal with the application concerning personal data connected with a concrete e-mail address you have used for sending your requirement and in certain cases we have to verify your identity before we meet your requirement. We can refuse to deal with applications which breach the privacy of the others, are very unpractical or would require carrying out an activity not allowed by the law. Beside this, it might happen that the valid laws require keeping certain personal data for a longer time for the purposes of archiving, e.g. records concerning purchases because of the guarantee and book-keeping.

You can pass the application for the access, correction or deleting with an e-mail at the address or in written form at the address of our place of business on the web