Movable Soccer Goal ALU, Goal Dimensions 5,0 x 2,0 m with a Net

Junior soccer goal intended for the championship matches of junior prep.

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Soccer goal Junior - portable. Size 5 x 2 m. Designed for championship matches of junior prep.

Main features:
Weight 57.05 kg
Dimensions: length 5000 mm, Height 2000 mm, Depth 800 mm, top bottom depth 1500 mm
used material: aluminum alloy with additions of silicon and magnesium, weldable
type of welding: TIG under argon protection
averages tubes used: 60/3 mm, 40/2 mm, 12/2 mm
energy required to flip: min 283 J
energy on impact: 121 J

Excellent parameters of good practice confirmed forensic expert for statics and dynamics of the best parameters for safety in CZECH MARKET
Excellent gripping networks around the perimeter gates due to clamping system, which is protected by a utility model
Withouthooks network-fixing system for increased security
Absolutely maintenance - free operation thanks to robust aluminum alloy
High performance due to the flip-top wickets necessary energy required to flip
Minimum energy at impact
Minimum deflection of the upper crossbar
Excellent rigidity of the structure-impossibility wobbly in corners
Simple repair option
Delivery including quality net from the Czech manufacturer-material Polypropylene eye 120x 120 mm, diameter 4 mm
Absolute goalpost resistance to weathering
Absolute resistance to UV radiation
Manufacturer's recommendation: Use only portable goalie anchored to the ground
The Czech Republic has already sold more than 1500 pieces

The price does not include the transportation, we solve the individual transportation after tel. agreement


dimensions :
5,00 x 2,00 m
weight :
cca 100 kg
country of origin:
Czech Republic


Inspection certificate for soccer goal

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