Mirage Ricochet Racket

Suitable for hobby and amateur players. Recommended by ČRA.

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Ricochet is young racket sport. It is similar to squash but has own distinctive features. As the ricochet differs from squash by slightly distinctive rules and court dimensions as well, so it is also needed to use specific equipment. Compare to squash racket, the ricochet racket is smaller. Merco Mirage the ricochet racket features of 535 mm length (the standard length of the squash rackets is 685 mm) with weight 170 g (strung). A weight range of ricochet rackets is most often between 100 - 200 grams. A balance point of the Mirage is 255 mm, so it provides better grip, that allows faster and easier maneuverability. Merco Mirage racket is designed primarily for beginners and advanced players as well with universal game style. There are not so many ricochet rackets on the czech market that designed for different player performance. Mirage the racket made by Merco is recommended by Czech Ricochet Association (CRA).


length :
535 mm
weight :
170 g
package included :
strung racket:
strings pattern :
country of origin:
performance :
hobby players
balance of the racket :
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