Micro X Tennis Balls

An excellent ball of third-generation with microcellular structure. Perfect playability, durability, no pressure loss during game.

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The tennis ball is filled with 700 million microcells. The specially developed soft rubber core for microcellular structure, special melton FLEX FELT that improves playability and feeling of the ball, combination of rubber core, Melton and the technologies used together creates a superior playing characteristics and finds excellent ball control, approved by the ITF and USTA.
Excellent gameplay, excellent durability, no loss of pressure and shape, light gaming feel stable gaming properties throughout, unlimited shelf life, special sound qualities, best ball at high altitude, in cold conditions.
Tretorn MICRO X is the ball of the future, it is the third generation of tennis balls. They were classified and approved by ITF as "Micro cell pressure". These balls are not comparable with non-pressurized balls. Each ball is filled with 700,000,000 microcells, each has a diameter of 5-100 microns. Each of these cells is filled with air. These cells work nearly as well as the pressurized air in the ball, the only difference is that the air leak.
Of course, the game features of both balls are not the same. It is very difficult to compare the pressurized with the ball MICRO X, because they are two different types of balls and because of the pressure it changes its properties very often and quickly.


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