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Target ice hockey goal folding, with sidewall

An ideal choice for training thanks to safety nets on the sides that help to catch the pucks.

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 The accuracy of the shot is crucial for every ice hockey player and therefore it is important to give it appropriate time. The hockey target Merco Target with a side net is a great utility for training your skills with the puck and the hockey stick. The side net protects from failed shots, so you do not have to be concerned about prospective damages and you can fully focus on training the accuracy of your shots into targets in each corner provided with pockets which securely catch your precise shots. Thanks to this feature, these targets are suitable for children as well. It is easy to both fold and unfold the target with the help of fast clamping system with no need of using any tools. 

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length :
80 cm
width :
188 cm
height :
129 cm
weight :
17 kg
diameter :
construction: 4 cm
country of origin:


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