How to shop?



The end customer can buy our products also without registration. On the other hand even unregistered person has to fill in the same information form as registered to send an order. Registration is not more time-consuming and can save time for the future purchases with prefilled details.


Registration brings additional benefits:


You can choose a quality gift for free to every order over 1 000 CZK

Adding bonus points for future orders (1 point = 1 CZK)

There are a lot of special offers for registered customers, at the end of a year we offer coupons or as thanks for the whole year shopping we add additional bonus points.

To some of the registered customers we are able to set their own prices. Unregistered customers lose these advantages.

You can register yourself before starting shopping, or in the third step of making an order.

Creating online orders:

The order itself can be divided into four steps:

  1. Basket: you fill the basket with goods, fill the quantity and insert the goods inside the basket. At this point you can apply discount coupon or bonus points

  2. Shipping and billing information: if you are not registered, you must fill in you shipping address, otherwise if there will be pre-filled correct information, just confirm

  3. Shipping and payment: choose from delivery methods

  4. Review: in this step you will confirm once again list of items, payment methods, delivery methods and all the information


After sending your order you will receive a confirmation, that your order has been successfully sent and presumed date of delivery.