How to shop?


The end consumer can shop without registration. On the other hand, when purchasing an unregistered user, the same data must be filled in to send the order, the registration is no longer time consuming, while you save time by pre-filled data when ordering again. Signup brings additional benefits:

Choosing a quality gift for every order over 1000, -CZK

Adding Bonus Points to Other Orders (1 point = $ 1)

We prepare special events for registered customers, we often offer discount coupons at the end of the year or we award bonus points as a thank you for all-year subscriptions

We are able to set up special prices for more significant registered customers, but they do not register this option.

Registration can be done before shopping or in step 3 of ordering.

The merchant has set wholesale prices after logging in, so he must always be registered. A trader can become a subject with a valid trade license and is active in the sale of sporting goods that meets the requirements of our company. With the registration in the on-line e-shop it is necessary to send a trade license (extract from the Commercial Register), eventually. Tax ID Certificate (please send it to After our confirmation, the trader gains access to the on-line system with the set purchase prices.


To create an online order:

The order itself can be divided into 4 steps:

1. Shopping Cart: here you fill the basket with goods, fill in the number of pieces and put in the basket, at this point you can redeem the coupon or bonus points

2. Delivery and billing information: if you are not logged in, you will fill in the delivery and billing address, otherwise the data will be pre-filled and you will only confirm it

3. Shipping and Payment: fill in the shipping method and payment method

4. Recap: In this step you will once again agree on the list of goods ordered, the method of payment, shipping and shipping details.

After submitting your order you will receive a confirmation that your order has been successfully sent and we will provide you with the expected date of dispatch.


Withdrawal from the Purchase Agreement:

If you purchased as a consumer, you can fill out the following form and send the goods to our address listed in the contacts.

If you purchased as a merchant, please contact our sales department.