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Spiderwork 950 Floorball Stick Happy Days Spiderwork 950                                                         Floorball Stick                                   Spiderwork 950                                                         Floorball Stick                                   A carbon stick with a medium-hard blade, soft, non-slip grip. Suitable for advanced players. Sona in stock €20.20 Sniper Floorball Stick Sniper                                                                 Floorball Stick                                   The basic model for all recreational players. We recommend to schools or other sport organizations. Merco 8 pcs in stock €13.30 Scorer Floorball Stick Scorer                                                                 Floorball Stick                                   The light carbon floorball stick designed for shooters and technical players. The Medium-hard blade has curved tip. Merco in stock from €14.80 Rogue Composite Hockey Stick Rogue                                                                  Composite Hockey Stick                            A choice of three sizes, especially designed for hobby hockey players who appreciate its low ''kick point'' and rigid blade. Hespeler in stock from €26.20 V 07 Hybrid, Senior Hockey Blade Clearance Sale V 07 Hybrid, Senior                                                    Hockey Blade                                      Reinforced with fiberglass material. A graphite material positioned at the bottom side for increased durability and service life. CCM in stock €26.20 Vapor X80 Griptac Composite Hockey Stick Special Offer Vapor X80 Griptac                                                      Composite Hockey Stick                            Model suitable for advanced players. Two-piece construction from lightweight carbon fiber, with improved blades of the core Aero Foam 3. Bauer 12 pcs in stock €80.60 GHX5 Junior 21" Goalie Stick GHX5 Junior 21"                                                        Goalie Stick                                      Designed especially for field hockey goalkeepers. Very lightweight and easy to handle model thanks to used ABS material. Fischer 4 pcs in stock €22.60 Vector OPS.V100 Composite Hockey Stick Vector OPS.V100                                                        Composite Hockey Stick                            A graphite composite with ABS blade reinforced with glass fibers, intended for hokejbalisty all performance levels. CCM 18 pcs in stock €41.40 XOVER, Senior Hockey Blade XOVER, Senior                                                          Hockey Blade                                      With a wooden core and neck reinforced by carbon, used by ice hockey players and professional players of street hockey. Koho in stock €26.20 C8 Hybrid Hockey Blade C8 Hybrid                                                              Hockey Blade                                      One of the finest blades that combines modern composite materials with quality wood. Reinforced by graphite tapes. CWT 24 pcs in stock €17.50 Sports Tape 2,4cmx18m Anti-tearable Sports Tape 2,4cmx18m                                                  Anti-tearable                                     A quality sports tape in white or black color, designed for strengthening the hockey sticks. Blue Sport in stock from €3.04 Sports Tape 2cmx10m Sports Tape 2cmx10m                                                                                                      White or black, universal fabric tape for hockey sticks and their reinforcement. in stock €1.10