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Fitness Rope Battle Happy Days Fitness Rope Battle                                                                                                      Fitness Rope Battle                                                                                                      10 m. An effective fitness tool for training and strengthening the upper body. Suitable for outdoor training thanks to the quality material. 13 pcs in stock from €70.20 LiveUp Wave Lightning RX2 Indoor Shoes Sale Wave Lightning RX2                                                     Indoor Shoes                                      Wave Lightning RX2                                                     Indoor Shoes                                      The structurally lightest and the most comfortable indoor shoes Mizuno for men. The material provides excellent cushioning and stability. > 10 pcs in stock €89.80 -17% €74.10 Mizuno Small reaction ball 6,8 cm, 100 g Special Offer Small                                                                  reaction ball 6,8 cm, 100 g                               Small                                                                  reaction ball 6,8 cm, 100 g                               Made of rubber. After hitting the ground the ball is reflected in unpredictable directions, thereby helping to train your reflexes and speed. > 100 pcs in stock €2.12 Merco Cooling Towel 33x88 cm Special Offer Cooling Towel                                                          33x88 cm                                          Cooling Towel                                                          33x88 cm                                          With long-lasting and immediate cooling effect, suitable for sensitive skin and allergic people. > 25 pcs in stock €5.88 Merco MultiColour Agility Ladder Special Offer MultiColour                                                            Agility Ladder                                    MultiColour                                                            Agility Ladder                                    4 and 8 m long ladder with colored rungs, which can be easily adjusted. A handle against the tangling of ladder included. > 100 pcs in stock from €13.70 Merco Fitness Multitrainer Hanging System Special Offer Fitness Multitrainer                                                   Hanging System                                    Multipurpose and effective fitness system of straps based on the principle of strengthening with your own weight. Simple mounting. > 25 pcs in stock €38.80 Merco Compressor Volcano 220V Special Offer Compressor Volcano                                                     220V                                              An electrical compressor with four different attachments. Easily portable and storable. > 50 pcs in stock €85.90 Merco Speed Harness Deluxe Special Offer Speed Harness Deluxe                                                                                                     A training tool for strengthening the legs due to resistance of thick rubber. Suitable for both amateurs and professionals. > 25 pcs in stock €21.60 Merco Soccer Bag double bottom Special Offer Soccer Bag double bottom A large and spacious bag will be appreciated by every football player who is looking for quality way of transportation of his items for training and match. > 25 pcs in stock €15.30 Merco Boot Buddy shoe cleaner Special Offer Boot Buddy shoe cleaner Boot Buddy shoe cleaner A handy tool for quick and easy cleaning of sports and walking shoes. in stock €19.20 Gametime Scoreboard portable, electronic Special Offer Gametime Scoreboard portable, electronic Gametime Scoreboard portable, electronic The unique scoreboard designed to bring the fun and atmosphere of the stadium to your indoor & outdoor sports and activities. 5 pcs in stock €588.00 Smart Pro sports radar Smart Pro sports radar Smart Pro sports radar Professional radar to measure the speed of ball or motion, with a possibility of remote control and to connect with a smartphone. 30 Jun 2018 €215.00 Net Playz