Functional underwear has the ability to effectively and rapidly wicks sweat away from the body, ensuring it evaporates quickly and preventing you from cooling down. Suitable for sports activities (running, biking, skiing, hiking), but also for everyday wearing.

Original Multifunctional Scarf Happy Days Special Offer Original                                                               Multifunctional Scarf                             With colorful motifs, suitable for sport and as a fashion accessory. Made of high-tech 100% polyester. N-rit in stock €4.18 Comfort Sense Functional Set of Underwear Special Offer Comfort Sense                                                          Functional Set of Underwear                       In sizes Junior and Senior. Made of functional material that is breathable, elastic and quick-drying. Merco in stock from €23.60 Balaclava Balaclava                                                                                                                Balaclava                                                                                                                Made of mixture of functional materials for maximum comfort, breathability and keeping your head and face in warm. N-rit in stock €14.20 Thermo Face Balaclava Special Offer Thermo Face                                                            Balaclava                                         Thermo Face                                                            Balaclava                                         The comfortable and elastic balaclava made of microfleece material. Suitable for skiing, under the helmet and winter tourism. Merco in stock from €5.09 Balaclava Coldbreaker baby Balaclava Coldbreaker baby                                                                                               Suitable under children's helmets, for skiing and climbing. Functional polyester fibers with fast absorption of moisture. Arnox 6 pcs in stock €6.00 Winter Multifunctional Scarf Special Offer Winter                                                                 Multifunctional Scarf                             Winter                                                                 Multifunctional Scarf                             Pleasant scarf for several uses for the winter season. Protects well from frost and wind, universal size. N-rit in stock €5.46 Warm Mask Face Scarf Special Offer Warm Mask                                                              Face Scarf                                        Warm Mask                                                              Face Scarf                                        Elastic, universal size, quality material. Functional scarf to protect your face against the weather. N-rit in stock €9.09 Balaclava Coldbreaker Balaclava Coldbreaker                                                                                                    Moderately warm hood made of quality material with good moisture management. Suitable mainly under helmet for ski and climbing. Arnox 9 pcs in stock €6.91 Basic PO-16 T- shirt Clearance Sale Basic PO-16                                                            T- shirt                                          Ideal for challenging sports, but also as undershirt. Made of a functional and cooling material. Merco in stock €6.91 Bear Kids T-shirt – Long Sleeve Clearance Sale Bear                                                                   Kids T-shirt – Long Sleeve                        Made of very soft and elastic, functional polyester fiber. It maintains optimum body temperature. Arnox 3 pcs in stock €9.27 Meteor Womens Sweatshirt Clearance Sale Meteor                                                                 Womens Sweatshirt                                 The moderate turtleneck with short zipper, made of polyamide and elastane fibers, rapid absorption of sweat during sports. Brubeck 8 pcs in stock €26.50 Basic PO-15 T- shirt Clearance Sale Basic PO-15                                                            T- shirt                                          Made of functional cooling material, suitable for wearing directly on body, in white color. Merco in stock €6.91