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Full Socks V2 Compression knee-socks

An essential complement for the regeneration of cyclists. Prevents buildup of fluid in the leg and accelerates venous outflow.

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New collection of socks COMPRESSPORT Full Socks for 2014 is here! Advanced technology has brought a breakthrough extraordinary success in the market. NEW Full Socks 3D.

Seamless inner layer of the ankle, does not create uncomfortable pressure points.

New zone ventilation

- breathing part of the ankle to the top of the foot, keeping the foot dry, light and fresh. It is due to air ventilation zones that help remove moisture and sweat.

Arch support

- Supporting arch strip of cloth on the bottom of the arch provides elastic compression and has several advantages

1. Activation of blood circulation
2. Side gain during walking
3. Optimal arch support socks

Socks Full 3D V2 are a necessary complement to the regeneration of cyclists. They are absolutely necessary equipment for each athlete on the Tour de France!

- prevents fluid buildup in his leg and accelerates venous outflow
- ideal for traveling short or long distances
- 3D projections around the feet do not retain water and perspiration
- improve air circulation and moisture from the foot so the foot stays dry during exercise
- ideal for post-workout recovery and also for long trips by plane or car

2L = 37 – 39 (EU); 4,5 – 6,5 (UK)


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