Dumbbells, fitness machines, benches or ordinary weights. Feel free to order from the comfort of your home, even now!

Kettlebell Plast Dumbell Happy Days Kettlebell Plast                                                       Dumbell                                           Kettlebell Plast                                                       Dumbell                                           Made of the hard plastic, an effective tool for strengthen the upper body, hand muscles and back muscles. in stock from €2.66 Merco Gliding Discs 2pcs Special Offer Gliding Discs                                                          2pcs                                              Gliding Discs                                                          2pcs                                              Use for hands and feet, with a wide range of exercises in the form of sliding on floor in different directions. in stock €4.18 LiveUp Pedal Exercise Rehabilitation Aid Special Offer Pedal Exercise                                                         Rehabilitation Aid                                Fitness aid for people with limited mobility and rehabilitation. Small size, adjustable resistance. in stock €22.40 LiveUp Fitness Multitrainer Hanging System Special Offer Fitness Multitrainer                                                   Hanging System                                    Multipurpose and effective fitness system of straps based on the principle of strengthening with your own weight. Simple mounting. in stock €37.60 Merco Weight Vest LS3055 5 kg Special Offer Weight Vest LS3055                                                     5 kg                                              A training aid that is suitable for all kinds of strengthening and exercise. Due to this vest you will improve your fitness. in stock €28.50 LiveUp PL1102 Fitness Bench Special Offer PL1102                                                                 Fitness Bench                                    PL1102                                                                 Fitness Bench                                    Intended for strengthening the entire body thanks to its construction. in stock €94.70 LiveUp Chin Up Bar Self-support Special Offer Chin Up Bar                                                            Self-support                                      Chin Up Bar                                                            Self-support                                      With a simple and fast mounting to the door, can also be used for other fitness workouts. in stock €14.60 Merco Vinyl Dumbbell Special Offer Vinyl Dumbbell                                                                                                           Vinyl Dumbbell                                                                                                           With the weights 0.5 - 5 kg. The universal dumbbell made comfortable material is good as a suitable tool for dynamic exercise. in stock from €1.25 Merco Aerobic Rubber 25x2cm Special Offer Aerobic Rubber                                                         25x2cm A fitness rubber for stretching and exercising. Three color variants divided by the level of flexibility. in stock from €0.91 Merco Aerobic Band Training Band, 120x15 cm Special Offer Aerobic Band                                                           Training Band, 120x15 cm                          Aerobic Band                                                           Training Band, 120x15 cm                          Four types of rubbers divided by the stiffness, length 120 cm. Ideal for aerobics and other physical exercises. in stock from €2.47 LiveUp Step Platform Easy Adjustable Height 10-15cm Special Offer Step Platform Easy                                                     Adjustable Height 10-15cm                         Fitness aid with adjustable height of 10 - 15 cm. Ideal tool for strengthening of buttocks, legs and increasing stamina. 30 Nov 2017 €18.60 Merco Chin Up Door Bar 63-96 cm Special Offer Chin Up Door Bar 63-96 cm                                                                                                Chin Up Door Bar 63-96 cm                                                                                                Sliding bar between the door frame. The ideal fitness equipment for home training of pull-ups, strengthening the back and arms. in stock €9.89 Merco