Complete equipment for home fitness (fitness machines, fitness, balance pads, trapezes, step bridges, ...), but also loading weights, loads, simple fitness benches, towers, trainers, fitness balls, mats, trampolines, ... - so wide offer at attractive prices available in our e-shop. Fitness import goods themselves, so it is usually in stock available for immediate shipping. We recommend to order add quality nutritional supplements including popular natural products
Gymball Fit-Gym Gymnastic Ball With a Pump Special Offer Gymball Fit-Gym                                                        Gymnastic Ball With a Pump                        Gymball Fit-Gym                                                        Gymnastic Ball With a Pump                        Including ABS anti rapid air leakage at the puncture, pump included. Merco in stock from €7.41 Balance Mat T33 Diameter 33 cm Special Offer Balance Mat T33                                                        Diameter 33 cm                                    Balance Mat T33                                                        Diameter 33 cm                                    More color variants. The inflatable balance pad with massage surface is suitable for seating and exercise. Merco in stock €9.32 Yoga Mat Including a Cover 173x61x0,4cm Special Offer Yoga Mat                                                               Including a Cover 173x61x0,4cm                    Yoga Mat                                                               Including a Cover 173x61x0,4cm                    In practical packaging, more colors. Suitable for exercising, made comfortable, lightweight material. Merco in stock €6.84 Weight Vest LS3055 5 kg Special Offer Weight Vest LS3055                                                     5 kg                                              A training aid that is suitable for all kinds of strengthening and exercise. Due to this vest you will improve your fitness. LiveUp in stock €28.50 Folding Gym Mat 180x60x4cm Special Offer Folding Gym Mat                                                        180x60x4cm                                        The gymnastic mat with inner EPE foam and with minimal storage capacity. The excellent ratio of quality / price. Merco 16 pcs in stock €32.70 Gliding Discs 2pcs Special Offer Gliding Discs                                                          2pcs                                              Gliding Discs                                                          2pcs                                              Use for hands and feet, with a wide range of exercises in the form of sliding on floor in different directions. LiveUp in stock €4.18 Pedal Exercise Rehabilitation Aid Special Offer Pedal Exercise                                                         Rehabilitation Aid                                Fitness aid for people with limited mobility and rehabilitation. Small size, adjustable resistance. LiveUp in stock €22.40 Balance Chair Pilates Mobile Special Offer Balance Chair Pilates                                                  Mobile                                            Health chairs an ideal tool for active sitting. It will improve your balance and posture while sitting. Carnegie 90 pcs in stock €52.90 PL1102 Fitness Bench Special Offer PL1102                                                                 Fitness Bench                                    PL1102                                                                 Fitness Bench                                    Intended for strengthening the entire body thanks to its construction. LiveUp 4 pcs in stock €94.70 Dimple Medicine ball, rubber Special Offer Dimple Medicine ball, rubber Dimple Medicine ball, rubber An extra durable medicine ball with a special surface ensuring an excellent adhesion. With possibility of rebound adjustment. The perfect aid for strengthening at home or gym. Merco in stock from €14.10 Balance Ball BBT Special Offer Balance Ball BBT                                                                                                         Balance Ball BBT                                                                                                         With a diameter of 58 cm, capacity up to 150 kg and side handles for home exercise and strengthening. Merco in stock €64.30 Fitness Multitrainer Hanging System Special Offer Fitness Multitrainer                                                   Hanging System                                    Multipurpose and effective fitness system of straps based on the principle of strengthening with your own weight. Simple mounting. Merco 6 pcs in stock €37.60