walking rope for 12 children Special Offer walking rope                                                           for 12 children                                   A perfect tool for preschools and children's camps, helps to increase safety during trips with children. 3 pcs in stock €1.96 Merco Parachute Didactic Aid Special Offer Parachute                                                              Didactic Aid                                      Practical children's parachute as a didactic aid for psychometric development, coordination and cooperation. 42 pcs in stock €38.80 Merco Kids Inline Skates Quads Special Offer Kids Inline Skates Quads                                                                                                 With the unique possibility of setting a series of wheels 1-1-1-1 or 1-1-0-2 by skating abilities of the child. 6 pcs in stock €38.80 Nijdam Junior HB Kids Inline Skates, adjustable Special Offer Junior HB                                                              Kids Inline Skates, adjustable                    Equipped with buckles for quick fix. A choice of two colors. Quickly resizable pressing. > 10 pcs in stock €38.80 Nijdam Flip Splash Dye plastic pennyboard, 22,5in Special Offer Flip Splash Dye plastic pennyboard, 22,5in Flip Splash Dye plastic pennyboard, 22,5in A lightweight and cheap skateboard for kids and teenagers, with excellent riding features. 2 pcs in stock €29.40 Nijdam Blindfold Set 6pcs Special Offer Blindfold                                                              Set 6pcs                                          Blindfold                                                              Set 6pcs                                          A reliable tool to cover the eyes during games, where is blindness needed. This set contains six different colored tapes. 45 pcs in stock €2.35 Merco Flip Plastic Pennyboard, 22,5in Special Offer Flip                                                                   Plastic Pennyboard, 22,5in                        Flip                                                                   Plastic Pennyboard, 22,5in                        Easy to use, lightweight and excellent driveability. In many colors. 5 pcs in stock €26.70 Nijdam water balloons set 3x37pcs Special Offer water balloons set 3x37pcs Perfect summer game which will refresh you during hot weather. Easily refillable thanks to its adapter. 80 pcs in stock €7.65 Merco Apex skibob Childrens snowbike Special Offer Apex skibob                                                            Childrens snowbike                                Apex skibob                                                            Childrens snowbike                                Children's replica of snowbike for snowy hills and unique driving feel, with perfect control. 9 pcs in stock €97.70 Yamaha Plastic Bobsleds Stratos Steerable, with Break Special Offer Plastic Bobsleds Stratos                                               Steerable, with Break                             The two-seat luxury model with a massive hand brake and differential steering system. > 25 pcs in stock €62.60 Merco Longboard Tropical Funk Special Offer Longboard Tropical Funk                                                                                                  Longboard Tropical Funk                                                                                                  Suitable for beginners and cruising. Stylish longboard is made of quality material with non-slip surface and unique prints. 1 pc in stock €47.80 Black Dragon Mini Basketball Basketball Set Special Offer Mini Basketball                                                        Basketball Set                                    Great fun to room or office, easy assembly by straps to doors, adjustable height. 62 pcs in stock €31.00 Merco