Wide selection of things for camping and hiking, especially the trekking poles, mats, sleeping bags, tents and lots of accessories such as compasses, lamps and energy-saving lamps including headlamps. Choose the best quality products and order now!

Miara Trekking Poles Happy Days Miara                                                                  Trekking Poles                                    With the unique quick release system, Flip-locking and extended handles. Merco in stock €17.82 Digital Pedometer LS3192 Special Offer Digital Pedometer LS3192                                                                                                 Useful help and motivation to regular walking. It provides an excellent daily output. LiveUp in stock €4.55 Comfort Sense Functional Set of Underwear Special Offer Comfort Sense                                                          Functional Set of Underwear                       In sizes Junior and Senior. Made of functional material that is breathable, elastic and quick-drying. Merco in stock from €23.60 Hernegg Trekking Poles Special Offer Hernegg                                                                Trekking Poles                                    With cork handles and neoprene strap, Anti-shock system to protect your joints and spine against shocks. Merco in stock €14.20 Neoprene Sleeping Pad 1800x600x6mm Special Offer Neoprene Sleeping Pad                                                  1800x600x6mm                                      Neoprene pad suitable for yoga and other movement exercises. Excellent insulating properties and resistance to moisture. LiveUp in stock €10.50 Reflective Tape LS3401 Special Offer Reflective Tape                                                        LS3401                                            Today, slowly mandatory equipment for each participant of operation for increased safety in reduced visibility. LiveUp in stock €2.18 Sleeping Bag Desert 250 Mummy Special Offer Sleeping Bag Desert 250                                                Mummy                                             Suitable for colder weather, with comfortable temperatures above -4 °C. King Camp 8 pcs in stock €49.80 Jerry Can 20 liters water container, folding Special Offer Jerry Can                                                              20 liters water container, folding                Ideal addition to camping. From a light plastic, portable canister with tap water. The volume at 20 liters. Abbey Camp 50 pcs in stock €6.91 Sleeping Bag Oxygen Quilt Special Offer Sleeping Bag Oxygen                                                    Quilt                                             Suitable to warmer weather conditions, with a comfortable temperature of +18 °C. King Camp 10 pcs in stock €20.50 Balaclava Coldbreaker baby Balaclava Coldbreaker baby                                                                                               Suitable under children's helmets, for skiing and climbing. Functional polyester fibers with fast absorption of moisture. Arnox 6 pcs in stock €6.00 Reflective Vest LS3402 Special Offer Reflective Vest                                                        LS3402                                            Ideal choice for each participant operating at reduced visibility. Due to its size suitable for sport, does not restrict movement. LiveUp in stock €5.46 Dry Bag Special Offer Dry Bag                                                                                                                  Easily foldable, waterproof, boating bag with a simple closing buckle. The volume of 6 liters to 36 liters. Meteor in stock from €8.36