Wide selection of things for camping and hiking, especially the trekking poles, mats, sleeping bags, tents and lots of accessories such as compasses, lamps and energy-saving lamps including headlamps. Choose the best quality products and order now!

Knee Socks Ski Slalom Happy Days Knee Socks Ski Slalom                                                                                                    Functional winter knee socks HEAD are suitable for sports and tourism in cold conditions. 19 pcs in stock €6.27 Head Piculin Trekking Poles Special Offer Piculin                                                                Trekking Poles                                    Black-green hiking poles with anti-shock and an adjustable length from 66 to 135 cm. in stock €14.80 Merco Silvester Trekking Poles Special Offer Silvester                                                              Trekking Poles                                    Plastic handles, Anti-shock system to protect your joints and spine. With an adjustable length for up to 135 cm. in stock €11.00 Merco Comfort Sense Functional Set of Underwear Comfort Sense                                                          Functional Set of Underwear                       In sizes Junior and Senior. Made of functional material that is breathable, elastic and quick-drying. in stock from €24.70 Merco Socks Tennis Special Offer Socks Tennis                                                                                                             Socks Tennis                                                                                                             Model with reinforced heel, excellent moisture absorption and high durability. Suitable for sports and casual wear. in stock €1.90 Merco Sleeping Pad Standart 90x50x0,8cm Special Offer Sleeping Pad Standart                                                  90x50x0,8cm                                       Sleeping Pad Standart                                                  90x50x0,8cm                                       Short Mat suitable for exercises and camping. Made of comfortable, lightweight EVA foam. 30 Nov 2017 €2.24 Merco Hernegg Trekking Poles Special Offer Hernegg                                                                Trekking Poles                                    With cork handles and neoprene strap, Anti-shock system helps to protect your joints and spine. in stock €14.80 Merco Nordic Walking Pole Special Offer Nordic Walking                                                         Pole                               With an adjustable length up to 140 cm. Cork handles, carbide tip with a rubber cap. in stock €15.00 Merco Reflective Tape LS3401 Special Offer Reflective Tape                                                        LS3401                                            Today it is a necessary equipment for each participant of road traffic, serves to increase your safety in reduced visibility. in stock €2.28 LiveUp Hike Picnic Blanket 150x180cm Special Offer Hike                                                                   Picnic Blanket 150x180cm                          Hike                                                                   Picnic Blanket 150x180cm                          With a functional double-layer structure for maximum comfort. Storeable, washable in machine. in stock €9.51 Merco Neoprene Sleeping Pad 1800x600x6mm Special Offer Neoprene Sleeping Pad                                                  1800x600x6mm                                      Neoprene Sleeping Pad                                                  1800x600x6mm                                      Neoprene pad is suitable for yoga and other movement exercises. Excellent insulating features and resistance to moisture. 16 pcs in stock €11.00 LiveUp Double Air Mat Special Offer Double                                                                 Air Mat                                           Large mattress made of comfortable material for home use or into a tent to increase comfort. 2 pcs in stock €19.40 Intex