Build your own agility track


In our store we offer many kinds and possibilities to build your own agility track that will suit your requirements.

Agility ladders

It is one of the most popular elements that underlies each speed and mobility training. Here you will find ladders from classic species, via leaded or trenched ladders with the possibility of adjusting the distance and height of individual partitions.

A special type of jumpers are then sets of hexagons or circles to open up new training options.


Coupled coaches and athletes are often a hated aid, which is a great addition to fitness training. In many sizes and colors, but also with the possibility of interconnecting cones with PVC sticks, you can easily create additional obstacles.

Plastic Hurdlers

They work great if you want to easily and significantly increase the difficulty of your training. That's why you can find it right now in several sizes. There are also hurdlers that have adjustable height. A special kind of obstacles are the obstacles which, due to the balance, will return to the original position in the event of a draw.

Athletic Marks

It performs a similar function as cones. With the difference, they are smaller and therefore more storable. You can easily create more complex and longer paths. They are made of soft plastic, which is resistant to kickback or other deformation, and thanks to the colorful colors they are well visible.

Hurdler Set

These are sets made of sand or water-filled dome, PVC bars, or circles, and clutches to connect all of the components together. With these sets, you can easily set the height and distance of individual obstacles.


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