As an importer of goods for boxing, judo, karate, we are able to offer a punching bags, gloves, blocks, helmets, kimonos, bandages and other accessories for unbeatable prices. Tatami for martial arts is very popular. Do not hesitate and buy online!

Fitness Rope Battle Happy Days Fitness Rope Battle                                                                                                      10 m. An effective fitness tool for training and strengthening the upper body. Suitable for outdoor training thanks to the quality material. 5 pcs in stock €70.20 LiveUp Champion tatami Special Offer Champion tatami Champion tatami Quality exercise pad, made of durable and anti-slip EVA foam, available in three different thicknesses. Suitable for schools, gyms, fitness centers and home use. > 100 pcs in stock from €13.70 Merco Cooling Towel 33x88 cm Special Offer Cooling Towel                                                          33x88 cm                                          Cooling Towel                                                          33x88 cm                                          With long-lasting and immediate cooling effect, suitable for sensitive skin and allergic people. > 25 pcs in stock €5.88 Merco Field Marker Discs, Set 4x8 pcs Special Offer Field                                                                  Marker Discs, Set 4x8 pcs                         Field                                                                  Marker Discs, Set 4x8 pcs                         The set includes 32 pieces of colored discs, serves to mark the trace or specific area during training, suitable for a wide range of different sports. 28 pcs in stock €12.80 Merco GP1600 Boxing Trainer Special Offer GP1600                                                  Boxing Trainer                                   A cheap and quality alternative for a punching bag, ideal for training the technique of punches and kicks. > 10 pcs in stock €97.70 Merco MultiColour Agility Ladder Special Offer MultiColour                                                            Agility Ladder                                    MultiColour                                                            Agility Ladder                                    4 and 8 m long ladder with colored rungs, which can be easily adjusted. A handle against the tangling of ladder included. 33 pcs in stock from €13.70 Merco Fitness Trainer Hanging System Special Offer Fitness Trainer Hanging System                                    Multipurpose and effective fitness system of straps based on the principle of strengthening with your own weight. Simple mounting. > 25 pcs in stock €38.80 Merco Sport Cone Special Offer Sport Cone                                                                                          Sport Cone                                                                                          The sport training cone in two colors, an aid to mark the routes, playground etc. > 50 pcs in stock from €0.35 Merco Plastic Hurdler Special Offer Plastic Hurdler                                                                                                          Plastic Hurdler                                                                                                          Training PVC hurdlers with a fixed heights of 15, 30 and 50 cm and long service life. > 50 pcs in stock from €5.88 Merco Sport Tape 2,5cmx13,8m Special Offer Sport Tape                                                             2,5cmx13,8m                                    Water-resistant tape suitable for prevention the dislocated finger in volleyball and other joints. > 100 pcs in stock €1.76 Merco Universal Plastic Hurdler , Adjustable Special Offer Universal                                                              Plastic Hurdler , Adjustable                      Universal                                                              Plastic Hurdler , Adjustable                      Training PVC obstacle with four adjustable heights and width of 45 cm. Suitable for fitness exercise of athletes. > 50 pcs in stock €6.86 Merco Boost agility ladder Special Offer Boost agility ladder Boost agility ladder 3 and 6 m. An improved model of agility ladder with a possibility to set the rungs to height. An ideal training aid for athletes to increase fitness. > 100 pcs in stock from €19.20 Merco