Neoprene bandages, cooling sprays, massage emulsions or tapes as necessary equipment for athletes after injuries. Find all you need here!

Hand Warmer Hand Warmer Hand Warmer The perfect warmers for hands, available for the unbeatable price! Average temperature up to 55°C, ideal for use in cold weather. in stock €0.76 Merco Toe Warmer Toe Warmer Toe Warmer The simple and effective tool to warm your feet during a cold weather. Disposable warmer for a nice price. in stock €0.76 Merco Foot Warmer Foot Warmer Foot Warmer Disposable warmers for shoes, available for an amazing price. With average temperature of 38°C and heating time up to 6 hours. in stock €1.48 Merco Ice Mix - Cooling Spray Special Offer Ice Mix - Cooling Spray                                                                                                  An artificial ice spray is suitable to alleviate the pain and injuries. in stock €3.61 Sport Tape 2,5cmx13,8m Special Offer Sport Tape                                                             2,5cmx13,8m                                    Water-resistant tape suitable for prevention the dislocated finger in volleyball and other joints. in stock €1.71 Merco Knee Brace 731 Special Offer Knee Brace 731                                                                                                           An elastic sleeve made of nylon material, ideal for injury prevention. 2 pcs in stock €5.25 Richmoral Cooling Bag LGR 15x13cm Cooling Bag LGR                                                        15x13cm                                           One-off cooling bag. It relieves pain in the affected area and edema formation. in stock €1.06 Wrist Brace LS5672 elastic, adjustable Wrist Brace LS5672                                                     elastic, adjustable                               Comfortable wrist support during sports or everyday movement. Easily adjustable, breathable material. in stock €2.74 LiveUp Hand Warmer XXL Hand Warmer XXL Hand Warmer XXL A perfect warmer with extended time of use for up to 14 hours. With the average temperature up to 50°C. in stock €0.76 Merco Sport Tape 3,8cm x 13,8m Sport Tape                                                             3,8cm x 13,8m                                   Water-resistant tape suitable for preventing the dislocation of the ankle, shoulder and other joints. in stock €2.47 Merco Synthetic Ice Spray Synthetic Ice Synthetic Ice Spray                                                    Synthetic Ice                                     Synthetic cryotherapy spray for a faster recovery and reducing the bruising and swelling. in stock €4.18 Back Brace LS5638 Neoprene Back Brace LS5638                                                      Neoprene                                          An ideal tool made of quality material for firm support of lower back and abdominal muscles. in stock €7.41 LiveUp