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Power Medicine Ball, rubber Happy Days Power                                                    Medicine Ball, rubber                                                With removable rope, which helps increase the intensity and dynamics of exercise. With weight of 3 kg or 6 kg. Merco 10 pcs in stock from €28.50 Overball Gym Overball Gym                                                                                                             Overball Gym                                                                                                             The tool fo exercise and rehabilitation, made of flexible PVC material. Excellent quality/low price. More colors. Merco in stock from €1.48 Professional Shuttlecocks Professional                                                           Shuttlecocks                                      Professional                                                           Shuttlecocks                                      Intended for clubs and sports centers. One of the best-selling models, great flight characteristics. Merco in stock €7.30 EURO 2016 Top Glider Soccer Ball EURO 2016 Top Glider                                                   Soccer Ball                                       A model with high durability and softened surface for greater feel, ideal for training and amateur players. Adidas 26 pcs in stock €21.90 BV5561S Training 10 Volleyball Ball Special Offer BV5561S Training 10                                                    Volleyball Ball                                   Designed for training, school competitions and recreational play. Size 650 to 670 mm, weight 260 to 280 grams. Gala 7 pcs in stock €26.20 Balance Chair Pilates Mobile Balance Chair Pilates                                                  Mobile                                            Health chairs an ideal tool for active sitting. It will improve your balance and posture while sitting. Carnegie 96 pcs in stock €52.90 Layup Basketball Ball Special Offer Layup                                                                  Basketball Ball                                   Suitable for all types of surfaces. Designed for amateur players and schools, in sizes from 5 to 7. Meteor in stock €7.98 Air tennis balls Air tennis balls ITF approved, cheap and quality tennis balls for all types of surfaces. in stock €3.76 US Open Tennis Balls US Open                                                          Tennis Balls                                      Extraordinary tennis balls with great ratio of quality / price. Intended for all types of surfaces. Wilson in stock €4.87 Stage 1 Green Kids Tennis Balls, Mid-soft Stage 1 Green                                                          Kids Tennis Balls, Mid-soft                       About 25% softer and slower than standard tennis balls, designed for novice players aged 11+ years. Merco in stock €0.84 Hockeyball ball Plastic, Orange Hockeyball ball                                                        Plastic, Orange                                   A cheap and quality ball for field hockey in two variants - soft or medium-hard. The well visible orange color. Merco in stock €1.33 Australian Open Tennis Balls Special Offer Australian Open                                                  Tennis Balls                                      The official ball of the first Grand Slam in Australia, for all surfaces. Great gaming features thanks to used technologies. Wilson in stock €4.87