The Polish Aqua-Speed brand features water sports products. You can find silicone hats, swimming goggles, pool and beach shoes, swimsuits for women, men and children, small swimming accessories, diving masks, snorkels and fins. Aqua-Speed products are manufactured in the world's finest factories using modern design, technology and materials.

Jadran 25 Neoprene Boots Jadran 25 Neoprene Boots Jadran 25 Neoprene Boots Quality shoes with hard sole, which will protect your feet against sharp objects under water. 5 pcs in stock €8.63 Aqua-Speed Accent Swimming Goggles – Junior Special Offer Accent                                                                 Swimming Goggles – Junior                         The swimming goggles for children aged 3+. Comfortable, extended strap with pictures. With anti-fog layer. 26 pcs in stock €6.67 Aqua-Speed Avanti Swimming Goggles Special Offer Avanti                                                                 Swimming Goggles                                  Avanti                                                                 Swimming Goggles                                  The silicone glasses with adjustable nose pad and double strap for a perfect hold on the head. > 10 pcs in stock €6.67 Aqua-Speed Bunt Swimming Cap Special Offer Bunt                                                                   Swimming Cap                                      Bunt                                                                   Swimming Cap                                      With an universal size and a multicolored design. It guarantees a perfect fit due to silicone material. > 25 pcs in stock €3.53 Aqua-Speed Alan swimming trunks Special Offer Alan                                                                   swimming trunks                                   Alan                                                                   swimming trunks                                   In classic style, with optimum breathability, flexibility and superior protection against UV radiation. > 25 pcs in stock €11.40 Aqua-Speed Training Diving Fins Special Offer Training                                                               Diving Fins                                       Training                                                               Diving Fins                                       Suitable for both recreational and professional swimmers. Training swim fins improve leg strength and swimming technique. 24 pcs in stock from €19.40 Aqua-Speed Racer Swimming Cap Special Offer Racer                                                                  Swimming Cap                                      Racer                                                                  Swimming Cap                                      The ideal model thanks to its design for competitive swimming and training. 100% silicone. > 25 pcs in stock €3.88 Aqua-Speed Sasha trunks with legs Special Offer Sasha                                                                  trunks with legs                                  Sasha                                                                  trunks with legs                                  Stylish design, offering high-quality materials and free movement in water. Suitable for regular and hobby swimmers. > 25 pcs in stock €13.30 Aqua-Speed Fiona Womens Swimsuit Fiona                                                                  Womens Swimsuit                                   Fiona                                                                  Womens Swimsuit                                   Two-piece swimsuit with a sports-leg and 20% lower thickness compared to conventional materials. > 25 pcs in stock €31.20 Aqua-Speed Dennis trunks with legs Special Offer Dennis                                                                 trunks with legs                                  Dennis                                                                 trunks with legs                                  Made of high quality material, which is quick-drying and retains its shape. The universal use for all water sports. > 25 pcs in stock €16.50 Aqua-Speed Bora Swimming Goggles Special Offer Bora                                                                   Swimming Goggles                                  Bora                                                                   Swimming Goggles                                  With exceptional properties, offer an excellent field of vision, QuickFit fastener for easy and rapid size adjustment. > 10 pcs in stock €14.30 Aqua-Speed Enzo+Samos Diving Set – Junior Special Offer Enzo+Samos                                                             Diving Set – Junior                               Enzo+Samos                                                             Diving Set – Junior                               Classic diving and snorkeling set, size adapted for children. 9 pcs in stock €23.10 Aqua-Speed