Arti Swimming Goggles – Junior Happy Days Arti                                                                   Swimming Goggles – Junior                         Arti                                                                   Swimming Goggles – Junior                         The children's glasses made of quality soft silicone with adjustable nose-bridge. More colors. Aqua-Speed 30 pcs in stock €3.60 Avanti Swimming Goggles Special Offer Avanti                                                                 Swimming Goggles                                  Avanti                                                                 Swimming Goggles                                  The silicone glasses with adjustable nose pad and double strap for a perfect hold on the head. Aqua-Speed in stock €6.18 Sasha trunks with legs Special Offer Sasha                                                                  trunks with legs                                  Sasha                                                                  trunks with legs                                  Stylish design, offering high-quality materials and workmanship. Suitable for fitness and hobby swimmers. Aqua-Speed in stock €10.20 Surf Club Cap with UV protection Special Offer Surf Club                                                              Cap with UV protection                            Surf Club                                                              Cap with UV protection                            The kid cap with with greater protection against UV radiation and heatstroke. Aqua-Speed 17 pcs in stock €6.55 Jadran 11 Neoprene Boots Special Offer Jadran 11                                                              Neoprene Boots                                    Protect the feet against sharp objects in the water. They are suitable for various water activities such as swimming, diving, surfing etc. Aqua-Speed in stock €8.00 Surf Club T-shirt with UV protection Special Offer Surf Club                                                              T-shirt with UV protection                        Surf Club                                                              T-shirt with UV protection                        With short Sleeves, provides protection against UV radiation in multiple colors. Aqua-Speed 21 pcs in stock €9.27 Bora Swimming Goggles Special Offer Bora                                                                   Swimming Goggles                                  Bora                                                                   Swimming Goggles                                  With exceptional properties, offer an excellent field of vision, QuickFit fastener for easy and rapid size adjustment. Aqua-Speed in stock €13.30 Racer Swimming Cap Special Offer Racer                                                                  Swimming Cap                                      The ideal model thanks to its design for competitive swimming and training. 100% silicone. Aqua-Speed in stock €3.46 Mare Diving Fins Special Offer Mare                                                                   Diving Fins                                       The best-selling model of medium-stiff diving fins with a closed heel, offer perfect performance and comfort. Aqua-Speed in stock €17.50 Bunt Swimming Cap Special Offer Bunt                                                                   Swimming Cap                                      The universal size, with a multicolored motif. The use of silicone material snug fit. Aqua-Speed 1 pc in stock €3.09 Paddle Swimming Paddles Special Offer Paddle                                                                 Swimming Paddles                                  A handy tool for strengthening of arms and for improving of your swimming technique. Aqua-Speed in stock €8.91 Daisy girl swimsuit Special Offer Daisy                                                                  girl swimsuit                                     Daisy                                                                  girl swimsuit                                     Made of opaque fabric Malaga, that offers the perfect balance between low weight and flexibility. Aqua-Speed 3 pcs in stock €11.30